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Yesterday was a good day for deer: I saw three. One in the early morning on the drive to the studio, another crossing the road on the way down to lunch, and a third in early evening on the way down to dinner. No deer guts: they all made it safely by, and no me-guts either.

The general schedule of the days had been to start with a slide show, then go around the room and talk about what people had been doing, and then we'd be given new concepts and techniques. Yesterday was a day of consolidation instead of new information, where we spent the day just putting things together, both figuratively and literally. Today was the day to finish up and we saved the "go around" till after lunch. Gut needs time to dry before it's stable, and so the morning was the last chance to do much work. For the afternoon, we did a more intensive discussion of pieces.

People work at different paces. Some had a lot of work ready to evaluate, some not so much. I had eight done. Everyone (me too) agreed that three were good, strong pieces. For three others, maybe some more to do on them, or some slight changes. Two more: lots of re-work, though still some things worth keeping. We'll see whether I get around to making the changes after I get back, but it was a good evaluation and I'm very glad I took the course.

Then we had to pack everything up...

It got done. They're all in the car. I just hope by tomorrow I've figured out how to get my suitcase in there, too.