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Day 3: Iron and Guts

Today after lunch we took a field trip to the blacksmith workshop building and got to poke around in the discard pile out back. You can build pieces out of gut alone, but it's also fascinating in combination with other materials. So we each gathered an assortment of rusted iron shapes to use in our work.

As we were leaving, the blacksmith assistant was talking to us about the sort of work they do and, so, where our pieces were likely from. He said he, in particular, works on weapons, and said it as if it ought to be a surprise. I laughed, "SCA for over thirty years, here" and he laughed, "Lucky the cop was SCA, too!" He'd been down in Virginia for a Scottish reenactment event and got stopped on the way back because of a busted taillight. The cop asked if he were carrying weapons... and was fascinated to find out he'd stopped a sword-making blacksmith. Seems the cop is SCA and really, really wanted a claymore and now the guy has a new commission. He's peripheral SCA himself, but his group got caught up in heavy politics and he dropped out of it as far as local events go, though he still makes sure to get to Pennsic.