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Day 2: Cats and Guts

Day 2 was yesterday. At the end of Day 1, I'd come back to the hotel and it was busy, lots of people checking in, and I rode up the elevator with a woman who had four cat-carriers stacked on her rolling luggage-handler. "Show cats," she said, and in the morning when I walked down the corridor, the doors all seemed to "mewwwww" at me.

At the workshop, I learned knotted netting! It's a fiber technique I always meant to pick up, but hadn't, and I hadn't expected to learn here. The instructor has done it a lot in gut and other fibers. She taught in Hawaii for a number of years, and she has a strong belief that one's work should reflect aspects of place as well as material. The use of gut by fisherman in Alaska, their use of nets, the use of netting by fisherman in Hawaii and as the base for feather cloaks, all, er, tied together. We learned on cord, not gut, but we also learned knotless netting (essentially: detached buttonhole) and I worked that in gut across one section of a frame I'd built. The gut is anchored to wire loops on each side of the frame and there's a row of wire in the center and I have no idea how it's going to look once dry. I may not find out today: it's pretty damp outside, and gut as cording takes longer to dry than gut as skin.