Cimeara (cimeara) wrote,

Tea, High or Otherwise

There was another memorial service this past weekend, on Saturday.

Tomorrow there's a retirement party at work, for a very nice lady, and the people in her group are having a "tea" for her. I signed up quickly and the list came around again yesterday as a reminder to those who'd signed and it was interesting to see what people will bring. There's blueberry cake and chocolate torte and bread and "finger foods" and fruit and yes, two people are bringing scones, and an ex-pat Brit is bringing crumpets and butter and jam. I'd signed up for crumpets, too, store-bought I'm afraid, but also some of my homemade chutney (and I've sliced some cheddar to go along with it), and I've just finished making the lemon curd. No clotted cream, I'm sorry to say. But I'd noticed something else missing and so there are thin-sliced cucumbers draining in the fridge, and sweet butter ready to spread on white bread tomorrow, though I won't put them together till right before the party.


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