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"You know the stolen moments.
You feel them...

It was not until this very page
That you have been able to put them into words..."

There's a track on :ankoku butoh: (the latest album by Faith and the Muse) called "Harai". There's an interview with them that touches on it here. An encyclopdedia article says harai is "in Japanese religion, any of numerous Shinto purification ceremonies. Harai rites, and similar misogi exercises using water, cleanse the individual so that he may approach a deity or sacred power (kami)."

"...The clock rings.
You strap your wrist into a watch.
You must be elsewhere at some such time.
You must reach some other elsewhere
At some time after the initial time.
The car will take you from A to B to A.
Sometimes A to B to C to A.
There is not the space for D..."

The track is instrumental in clarity-forming tones that fall like drops in water, spreading and overlapping in undistorted geometry. With bird calls, too.

"...You look at your list, once cleanly written, orderly.
Now cratered with tasks finished,
tasks added, tasks circled.
You rewrite the last to reclaim the satisfaction
That will come with the next completion..."

The booklet that accompanies the CD (it's a beautiful slipcovered package of art-strewn booklet, CD, and DVD), has words to accompany the track. Some of them are here. Not all.

"...When the repetition of an act is all that is necessary
To denote the passage of time.
What might you do to stop the dying?
If each moment were new to us, unique to our experience,
would life be more than a collection of snapshots?..."

It's worth it, to get the whole package, for this and for the rest of the poetry and imagery.

"...It is this realization - while reflecting in the mirror,
Staring at the places just beneath your eyes -
In which everything changes, revelates and demonstrates
All that you must do.

And thus, you do."

(the text with "Harai" is by Marc Moorash from his book Stolen Moments)