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I've joined Weight Watchers at Work. There's a group that meets in the office building once a week in 12-week sessions that then repeat and it's been going on for at least 7 years. I'd joined several years ago and dropped a good amount of weight in the first session, not so much in the second session, and then very little in a later session, and so gave up on it. It's pricy, really, and for what? After the first session you have the book that tells you how many "points" are in what you eat, and you know how many points you can have in a day or a week, and the rest is just bland recipes and artificial enthusiasm and offers of supplemental materials or suggestions of snacks that of course cost extra, and (yes, alright, the important part) the confrontation with the scale and the writing down of the weight, engraved in stone for all eternity... or so it feels. But the rest you can do on your own, once you have the initial materials, right? You can track your food intake on your own. You can track your activity amount on your own. You can even track your weight on your own. Except you don't. The accountibility matters. They still provide what I think is the most sensible approach, one that makes allowance for real foods and not "you must eat this and only this". And I'd joined the gym and that wasn't enough, I wasn't going, and things are bad, bad, bad in this part of my life, in this part of me, and, yeah, I need to fix it.

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