Cimeara (cimeara) wrote,

For every action, there is an equal and opposite waffling on what is Art.

Sometimes I feel surrounded by cotton batting. Bubble wrap. Fog. It's hard to pick the right metaphor, because it's not that things don't touch me, it's that I can't connect with anyone or anything in a way that feels more than ships passing in the night.

I know I sounded rather didactic in my last post. I'm less so in person. But I don't have the luxury of courses on artistic appreciation or theory, or the time to take them, and I need to have... what? A bridge? A bridge would require more work than I can manage on my own. So I wrap my opinions up tight and throw them out as stepping stones, thesis without available antithesis, premise without contradiction, but if I step on them firmly enough and they can hold me long enough to get me further across the streambed then it's good enough, even if when I look back I'll wince as they float away from lack of sufficiently on-going solidity.

Because otherwise I'd stand on the banks and dither and never get anywhere.

Because, also, developing faith in yourself includes developing a framework of what makes sense for you, that might not follow what's supposedly right by other people's views. And hardest of all sometimes is giving yourself the freedom to take chances, to trust stepping stones, and if they don't hold, to get wet, to be wrong.


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