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Before I forget: notes from the "3D Sculpture" workshop at the DeCordova...

This was a course about seeing materials for what they are, untouched, before touching them. And then to see how dramatically you could change their intrinsic initial nature with as little intervention as possible. Paper, black wire, wire mesh screening. Some of my workshop pieces are here:


But what struck me, as coming from a very craftsman-like basis (SCA, I mean you) was something she said about repetition: don't. Before you repeat yourself, ask what else you could do instead. Bigger, smaller, a different direction, somehow something different, or just don't. But artisanal work, craft-based design, is all about repetition, to continue a pattern and enforce, reinforce, the chosen design. A very different way of looking at it.

Completely off-topic aside: Jessica Alba. I was stuck at a Jiffy Lube getting an oil change and the TV was showing "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer." I hadn't caught much of the first movie, had never caught the second before then. And then tonight catching up on Project Runway's last show where she's a guest judge. Is it just me, or is she Barbie? The face is so perfectly pointy, the complexion so smoothly plastic, the physique so slim...? On the other hand, she surprised me by commenting (correctly) that a particular gown was all about the undergown, that it was the underlying construction that made the surface seem so simplistically elegant.