Cimeara (cimeara) wrote,

Good Intentions

A lighter bit of doggerel...

Good Intentions

I bought some raw-milk yogurt.
It's gone a greenish gray,
So toss it out, though it's not past
Its expiration day.

I bought some fruit: bananas.
They've turned a nasty brown.
I'll bake some sweet banana bread
And then I'll choke them down.

The juice has turned gelatinous;
The tofu's separated.
I do suspect their benefits
Might now be overrated.

The red tomato has black spots,
How like a ladybug!
The low fat cheddar cheese is blue,
And shaggy like a rug.

The mice have gnawed the stony bread
(They've better teeth than I).
I've failed at eating healthy, but
At least I tried to try?
Tags: writing

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