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So far, I'm 0 for 2 in having people send me materials lists for museum studio workshops without active intervention.

Last fall there was a polymer bead workshop at the Fuller Craft Museum, and it noted a $12 fee for materials. At the last minute I got uncertain how that could cover everything and I brought my basic kit, and good, because that charge was for six mandrels, nothing else. They'd sent out a list of what else was needed, but hadn't caught me because I'd signed up just before the registration deadline. I suggested next time they do another pass through the signup list -after- the deadline.

This weekend is a 2-day all-day 3D wire and wire mesh sculpting workshop at the DeCordova, and the class info said a materials list would be sent. Yesterday, Wednesday, I still hadn't gotten it and called up. "Oh yes we can send that," they said and confirmed my e-mail and I got the list of what I need to pick up. But if I hadn't called? These turn out to be very specific hardware store materials that need to be pre-cut to specific sizes and I can't help wishing I'd had the information last weekend instead of two days before.