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More Musings

There was sunlight this morning. A surprise after the torrent of yesterday's rain and the forecast calling for more rain or sleet or snow into next week. But there was sunlight this morning. The swamp near our house has risen nearly to overflowing, with town trucks parked by the side of the road to review the situation, so I didn't stop for a photo. We'll see if the way is blocked off this evening, which would be a pain since I'd have to backtrack four turns before getting to an alternate route. And I like pausing, slowing, by the swamp, a quiet bit of nature after work and the long commute, a place to see the sky and stars. I've even poured out a promised libation to the traffic gods there, because it had to go on paved road, you see, and stopping by the side of an interstate to dump out a bottle of retsina can attract too much attention.


it's easier to cross in winter
the will o'the wisps nearly dead
feet calloused by circle walking
melt me-sized holes
in the rime of icefloe hillocks
black bread trail behind me
as I listen for still sounds of
welcome or regret