Cimeara (cimeara) wrote,

damn but I wish I could write like this

This was posted on the greatpoets community. I want it here so I'll remember it.


At first, the mobiles were for multitudes---
the horse was doubled, then redoubled;

way and station made for
social arts, within which

conversations, trains of thought,
held sway. Today

I drive morosely and alone, like half
a billion others, each

in a glassed-in,

contraption, each
with a brain she thinks

she can control (it goes off
on its own, on detours

now and then; it dreams of cable-
cars and smoking-cars and Volkses that can spill

unthinkable powers of ten in clownface) unlike this poor
hollowed-out sedation of sedan I pull

off the throughway, up to the pump
marked SELF, and fill.

-Heather McHugh

Tags: review, writing

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