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Made It

Made it to Arisia, despite myself. I'd been gathering all the display and packing materials and writing the blurbs, but the actual "putting together" of all it didn't happen till Thursday evening - Friday morning and of course took longer than expected. Finally got to the hotel, long time to register (at the hotel, the con registration went surprising quickly even for pre-reg), long time to get luggage up to the room, very long time to do setup at the art show but it got done, finally.

RE: Display Boxes. After no further info, I sent an e-mail on Tuesday evening cancelling the order if it hadn't shipped. They shipped on Wednesday evening, and now claim they never got that email. In the email complaining about the shipping, I told them specifically (I linked to the damn page!) how they could get UPS to stop the delivery and return it to them. They say instead that I should "refuse delivery". Can anyone tell me how to "refuse delivery" on a package being delivered on a day I'm out of town, by a UPS driver who usually doesn't even bother to knock on the door as he drops the box on the porch (so wouldn't see a message there)? The company is Potomac Display in Maryland, btw. I am not pleased with them. They also claim that the reason they charged me immediately is that the boxes were in stock at the time I ordered, but then other earlier orders used up the stock, so that's why my order got delayed. So much for their inventory control process.

The aquarium from Amazon came exactly on time, as promised, holds all the figures, fit in the suitcase, and was easy to set up at the show. But my half-table is off at the end of the row and slightly underlit, and the acrylic was reflecting the better lighting elsewhere so that it was hard to see the figures. So, in fact, no display case is being used at all, but it's around for other occasions.

After all that, I found some lunch/dinner, made it back up to the art show for the reception and talked to some really nice people, made it back down to the main con room for some of the Palimpsest concert, had wanted to go to other things but was too exhausted, and crashed in the room for 10 hours of sleep. And that was my day.