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Gently, Gently

Trying to get everything together for the art show at Arisia. Ten pieces, though I'd hoped for a dozen, but ten is enough to fit the space I've reserved. Blurbs being written, nearly done. Jewelry already mounted for display; other backgrounds will be done tomorrow. Packing boxes and materials nearly set. Display cases for the figurines were ordered last Monday (over a week ago), supposed to come on time but no shipping notice despite emails asking so I'm leery and have ordered back-up system (Amazon will deliver a 12-gallon acrylic aquarium on Thursday, ordered today and -they've- already shipped). Prices set *shudder, hate that!* and on-line check-in completed.

Recognition made that 3D artwork is an effing pain to show, compared to 2D. Oh well.

I still need good photos of the last piece. It wasn't done till Sunday and the finishing parts were tricky. It's covered in polymer clay oak leaves and very thin ones, and I'd gotten scared that the pieces of leaf sticking out past the main body of it would break too easily. So I was reinforcing them, with the main piece upside down on a thick layer of batting, coating the leafy bits in Liquid Sculpey and smoothing on some thickening clay, and chanting "gently, gently" as I did it to remind myself not to rush it, not to hold it too tensely, and mostly not to do exactly what I feared and snap a piece off. It worked, it's done. So that's the 10th piece.

Gently, gently. Nearly there.



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Jan. 13th, 2010 03:24 am (UTC)
I must remember to haul my butt up to the top floor this year and catch the art show!
Jan. 13th, 2010 10:10 pm (UTC)
Please do!
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