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Another exercise. This one in playing with the positioning of words, where the center ones summarize the verse.


“You really ought to shop     there     ! The styles are fucking great.”
The f-bomb casually dropped     is     to un-show her age,
Ditto the blonde streaked hair,     no     one else fooled by those
Stiletto heels, skinny jeans, the     candy     -pink hoodie that says “Princess”
In silver, with a coronet     in     tiny rhinestones (one of which
Is bound to come off     the     first time through the wash,
Because they always do). The     center     zipper is pulled way low
To draw eyes to the     only     assets she’s completely sure of,
So proud of attention from     old     lascivious men and teenage boys,
She’ll suck that stagnant pond     dry     to keep herself from desiccation,
Till it disappears, and the     paper     -thin ego shrivels and tears.