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Up and Down and Back and Forth

George Washington Bridge NYC
by *Cimeara

Down to Richmond last Saturday and back up as far as Milford, CT, yesterday. By now I'm keeping with the Google-maps suggested route. You're stuck at an absolute crawl through NYC, but it seems to be worth it in picking up time elsewhere. So, 90-> 84-> 91-> 95 with a stop at New Haven to see my daughter at her college, then back on 95-> NJTurnpike-> 95 -> BaltWashPkway-> 95.

It breaks down as about 2-1/2 to 3 hours to New Haven, another hour to the CT-NY border, an hour through NY, two hours through NJ to DE, an hour to Baltimore, an hour to DC and around Washington, and a last 1-1/2 hours to Richmond. Plus, of course, time to eat and at least one refueling. Back up went the same way, same times.

From New Haven to home today, though, when bringing my daughter back for winter break...
New Haven on 95 to 395 above New London, and turn around because my daughter forgot something important. New Haven on 95 to 91 to just above Vernon, and turn around because my daughter had forgotten another something, equally important. New Haven to home, in total, including a McD stop: 8-1/2 hours.

Not as good.