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Pumpkin-Date Bread/Cake/Whatever

Recipe worth passing along:
I made it mostly as directed, but with the following exceptions:
(1) finely chopped walnuts (because I had them) instead of the pecans
(2) added about 3/4 cup chopped dried cranberries (because I had them)
(3) added about 3/4 cup chopped dried tart cherries (because I… ditto)
(4) added 1 TB. rum (because it seemed to go with the rest; 2 TB. would go better)
(5) used two 8 inch by 8 inch pans and baked for 70 minutes
This was a taste test for something to bring on a visit to my mother, who is supposed to be eating foods high in potassium (pumpkin, molasses, dates, etc., all are) and is tired of bananas. You, too, boys and girls, will someday pick recipes based on your doctor instead of your taste buds.