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I Can Haz Steampunk

I'm not planning to enter the Masquerade for Arisia but I was idly looking for steampunk fashion just for fun, and then I also heard about the "Malice in Wonderland" ball, which, again, I might not go to, but if I did... anyway, I found this Silk Ensemble. And it's on sale for less than I'd ever have expected! And it comes in large sizes! And it comes in two pieces! And I could wear the skirt bustled up, with the top as it is, or a vest and white blouse instead, for steampunk, and I think I can wear the skirt with the waistband over the jacket, a black sash belt to cover the elastic, and a hoop petticoat underneath, for more of a ball gown.

And it's lucky I ordered now, because they don't say on the website that one should allow up to 21 days for production as well as the shipping time.