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Progress Notes

Pumpkin Chutney
The reason for chutney is that we're on the last jar of the apple one I made back on June 27th. The reason for pumpkin chutney is that we never carved the Halloween pumpkin, and I don't like throwing it out. But a twelve-inch tall jack-o'-lantern pumpkin isn't a sweet small sugar pumpkin, so the recipe needs to be one that doesn't make it stand on its own. But it's huge (relatively). It's taken hours. I've diced about 3/4 of it now and that's in two large plasticware containers, and I've at least cut the rest into sections and peeled them and put them in a bag to do tomorrow. Except now I've got a blister on my index finger where I leaned too hard on the knife. Yes, yes, I know, you're supposed to let the knife do the cutting, but I get impatient.

Clay Work
I'm formalizing the ideas for the figurines in my head (that's my excuse). I bought more clay (it was on very good, and very rare, sale). And I did make the torso for the image based on The Red Tree and that's something. If you haven't read Caitlin R. Kiernan's The Red Tree and you like psychological thrillers, and can deal with ambiguity in exchange for clever imagery that varies from the realistic and mundane to the bizarrely surreal, I highly recommend it.. The torso is also a practice piece for another I have in mind, inspired by Jennifer Pelland's story of "Big Sister, Little Sister" which will be a more complex work. (They're both on LJ, btw: Kiernan is greygirlbeast and Pelland is jenwrites
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