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Unexpected Gifts

A while ago, I put in an order to Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab for the "Falling Leaf Moon" limited edition scent, which turned out to be an absolutely wonderful one. I've ordered from there before and they always send a couple of little sample vials free with whatever you order. The sample vials are called "imps" if you order them directly, and the free ones have come to be called "frimps". This time I also ordered a t-shirt from the Trading Post section, which has a separate website and payment process and the order shipped separately. There'd been a problem with the printing and the t-shirt was delayed, but it finally came this week. It came with a bunch of little foam Halloween stickers, and a striped orange and brown and green pencil, and another frimp of sample perfume: "The Last Squished Jelly Bean."

Guess what the scent is?


But  I really like licorice jelly beans.