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Long time no post

I've had other stuff on my mind than LJ.  But catching up from when I last posted...

On the 17th, my sister did not die in a fiery car crash right before my eyes.  She did, however, get sideswiped by an elderly driver as we followed her back to the house after a dinner out.  He was making a right turn on red as she went through the intersection and rammed directly into the right rear side of her car, even though she swerved and honked the horn.  Thankfully, no one was hurt.  The car was still driveable, not totalled. But it was not a nice thing to have happen.

On the 18th, my uncle did not shoot me.  I went over to his house to deliver some of the extra sandwiches from after the funeral, and my sister warned me to call first.  Apparently he keeps a loaded revolver (no safety) by the front door.  I called.  He didn't shoot me.  Neither did the stuffed black bear (also near the front door) savage me.  The stuffed Canada goose behind his easy chair looked more dangerous but I avoided eye contact and stayed out of its reach.

On the 19th, the dog did not disappear forever.  My sister had recently acquired a shelter dog, an English setter, to replace another shelter dog who'd died.  My mother had missed the other dog very much and had wanted another in the house, so my sister complied. The other dog had gotten elderly and unactive, but this one was young and strong and had gotten loose before (my mother's fault: "but she'd wanted to go out?" without attaching the lead) and had only been found when she turned up again at animal control. We had her out on the lead.  Come time to bring her in, the end of the lead had broken off and the dog was gone.  We dithered.  The dog was a roamer.  The tags had fallen off in the ivy some days before.  Finally I went out driving around the neighborhood, more to do -something- than expecting any good result.  I stayed out as long as possible, even as it grew dark, and on the final pass in working my way back to the house, I saw a similar dog being walked by a man.  It was the dog. He'd hoped she'd lead him to her home, but it hadn't worked.  They'd caught her earlier and if I'd gone out earlier I wouldn't have seen her, so really, it was a miracle we'd met.  Next day, I bought one of those ID capsules with a slip of paper inside.  It's not something easy to knock off, and even though the leads have been replaced with sturdier versions, it feels safer to have that on her.

On the 20th, we did not find the will but we did find the lawyer.  There was a folder from 1996 that had copies of my parents' wills and powers-of-attorney.  There was a letter from a lawyer saying that the originals were with another lawyer.  There was a scribble on my mother's will that said she'd changed it in 1999.  There was no copy of the change.  The lawyer who'd written the letter was now an Episcopalian minister somewhere.  The phone number on the letterhead had been disconnected.  There was no indication of how to find the lawyer with the originals of the original wills.  My sister started tracking down the minister (he turned out to be in Pittsburgh now), I started Googling, and we found the second lawyer in the area, still in practice. 

On the 21st, we still did not find the will.  The found lawyer's assistant said that the notes in the archives said the originals had been put in the vault at Nations Bank.  Nations Bank is now Bank of America.  The Bank of America representative, the one from the downtown main banking center, said "We don't have vaults. Do you mean a safety deposit box? Any branch could have one of those."  My sister said no, the only safety deposit box had been at First Union.  Which is now Wachovia.  Moral of the story from the last two days: do not assume it will be easy and obvious for anyone to find your lawyer or your bank even 10 years from now.

Also on the 21st, I did not die in a fiery car crash in Connecticut.  But it was close.  This was between New Haven and New London on I-95, a two-lane per direction road at that point, and the speed limit was 65, I think.  The traffic was going faster.  I'd thought I had plenty of time to pass a car going only 70, but as I started, another car came up very quickly behind me.  Very, VERY quickly.  So quickly, I was afraid to brake and fall back behind the first car, for fear he'd ram me, so I sped up myself to finish passing.  Unfortunately, what that did was to close the gap between my car and the first car that the second car had sped up even more to try to shift through.  He ended up swerving around the first car in the other direction, through the breakdown lane, and mouthed obscenities at me when he came back on the main road because I'd obviously been deliberately cutting him off. Oh well. 

On the 22nd, I went back to work. On the 23rd, ditto, but also a call from my sister to say that the will had been found, it had been in a vault at the main Bank of America downtown, so much for their representative.  On the 24th, I did grocery shopping, and started another batch of lemon-balm/rosemary cordial.  On the 25th, I went to an all day workshop at the Fuller Craft Museum to learn how to make textured beads in polymer clay.  It was a good class. I'll go to more there. 

And that's what's been happening.



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Oct. 26th, 2009 11:35 am (UTC)
Well, you've been...occupied. I'd say "busy" but somehow, that doesn't seem to cut it. I'm glad the last day's update is an upbeat one, because it sounds like you need more of that in your life right about now.
Oct. 27th, 2009 09:14 pm (UTC)
Thank you, yes, very full of happenings. Unfortunately, the upbeat is still rare: yesterday was getting the car's rear brakes fixed, today was going to the dentist about a very sore tooth ('twas split, it seems, so now it's gone). Tomorrow is car inspection, whee!

'Sokay, it will subside in time.
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